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Papua New Guinea

RIPE were contracted to supply complete HQ standard wireline inflatable packer systems for copper and gold mine pre-feasibility studies within Papua New Guinea. Service personnel were required for on-site installation and running of the HQ standard wireline inflatable packer systems.

The supplied systems were pneumatically operated which required nitrogen gas for packer inflation. The system is not new technology however custom innovations were made to this equipment allowing more versatility for field work in PNG. Standard permeability tests were performed as usual however with a slight tweak to the equipment allowed testing of the flow rate out of the drill hole, dubbed reverse permeability testing. A pressure and temperature transducer was required to be fitted onto the end of the packer system which later had to be moved on-site due to unforeseen circumstances this was modified and fitted onto straddle pipes.

Pneumatically operated standard wireline inflatable packer systems are a proven technology that offers high reliability and versatility in all scenarios. Operation in deviated wells is not unusual and bears no effect on running the system in any configuration.