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Expomin 2012 Santiago, Chile

Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd have recently returned from Chile after exhibiting in the 2012 Expomin in Santiago. with our agents Mixer (Chile) Ltda.Expomin was a great success with many new customers expressing their interest in cost effective packer technology, simplicity of operation with our products and RIPE’s continual development and advancement throughout the inflatable packer industry.

Our agents Mixer (Chile) Ltda have been working in collaboration with RIPE Packers since 2008, taking lead in sales and marketing of inflatable packers and associated equipment to our South American customers. RIPE are in consistent contact with Mixer (Chile) Ltda, keeping up to date with South American projects and developments.

We are pleased as always to visit the areas where our packers are used to gather a greater scope of operations which ensures our packers are retaining their already outstanding reputation. Field studies conducted by the end-user resulted in our high pressure packers being tested in the most rigorist of conditions of all.

RIPE’s strive for absolute customer satisfaction starts with a hands on approach to developing solutions for each and every project, not perusing a ‘one size fits all’ idea, it is simply not the best approach.

For all our international customers we look forward to our next trip and Expomin 2014, hope to see you there!

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