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7" - 7 7/8" High Pressure Inflatable Packers (Maxi-Frac™)
High Pressure Inflatable Packers (Maxi-Frac™)

RIPE-Packers are manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of down-hole tools and services for oil/ gas, water well developments, environmental/ geotechnical investigations. RIPE specialises in high pressure inflatable packers and replacement packer elements for open-hole hydraulic fracturing and block caving mining procedures. 

RIPE manufactures inflatable packers to suit existing down-hole tools such as open-hole preconditioning hydraulic fracturing packer systems, water well permeability testing tools, DST packer tools, cement grouting injection packer systems.  RIPE’s inflatable packer technology satisfies our customer demands for cost effective down-hole packer tools with longer lasting rubber packer elements. Tested with NATA certified equipment, RIPE high pressure packers achieve a max inflation pressure of up to 12,000psi (83MPa). 

All packers and inflatable packer systems are available for hire or sale. 

·         Standard and non-standard sizes 
·         Replacement Inflatable packer elements
·         Single or double packer straddle configurations
·         Rebuild or replace packers from another manufacturer
·         Carbon steel, stainless steel constructions available
·         Low/ Medium/ High/ Extreme Pressures
·         500mm, 1000mm rubber lengths
·         High temperature rubber compounds (NBR, HNBR)

Standard sized packers, diameters starting at 7"

7", 7.25", 7.375", 7.5", 7.625", 7.75", 7.875"
7 1/4", 7 3/8", 7 1/2", 7 5/8", 7 3/4", 7 7/8"