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Aqua-Hydrostoppers are manufactured in Perth, Australia by RIPE inflatable packers as a replacement inflatable packer element and are fully interchangeable with Aqua-Tights and AquaStop™. These inflatable packer elements are able to inflate up to 172% of their original size. Tested using NATA certified equipment and warranted against material and labour defects.

RIPE’s Aqua-Hydrostoppers are used to plug or seal off water / sewer lines in areas where it is not possible to turn the water flow off, particularly useful for repairs and maintenance of pipes. 

RIPE`s Aqua-Hydrostoppers allow you to ‘localise’ the area to a small section instead of blocking an entire pipeline which will significantly reduce the cost of repair.

Installation is easy and simple since the water supply does not need to be shut off. Aqua-Hydrostoppers are installed through a 65mm gate/ball valve set at a 45 degree angle on a stainless tapping clamp. Typically inserted into 100-150mm PVC pipes then inflated with water to a predetermined pressure.

Aqua-Hydrostoppers are available in 745mmOAL with sizes in 45mm and 55mm diameter. Aqua-Hydrostoppers are a Kevlar™ reinforced natural rubber construction with minimum grade 304 stainless steel ferrules and are typically inflated to a maximum pressure of 300psi in a 150mm pipe.