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Bridge Plug Inflatable Packers (Fixed End)
Inflatable bridge plugs perform a very simple yet critical task of sealing and abandoning wells and other boreholes. Once set at a predetermined depth and inflated a concrete plug is poured on top of the packer and set. 

RIPE’s abandonment bridge plugs are designed with two in-line one way check valves to prevent over inflation and to also lock in positive pressure preventing deflation once run in tools are removed. Available in fixed end or sliding end designs which permit large expansion and effective sealing of all types of boreholes.

RIPE also manufacture suitable inflation and running gear for all applications and for special custom requests.

Standard sized packers, diameters starting at 13 3/8" 

Packer Sizes Available(Imperial): 13 3/8", 20", 30"
Packer Sizes Available (Metric): 13 3/8", 20", 30"