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Preconditioning and Block Caving Packers
RIPE has recently developed an inflatable packer capable of reaching 12,000psi or 83MPa. Used extensively in hydraulic fracturing and block caving procedures world-wide. Not only is extreme high pressure achieved, working life in controlled conditions is significantly greater than their older predecessors (capable of only 10,000psi).

Tested using NATA certified equipment this inflatable packer achieved 84 complete inflations to 12,000psi without rupture or rubber delamination off the vulcanising which is typical of poorly manufactured inflatable packers in the same conditions.

By using high pressure inflatable packer systems to hydrofracture the block, a more consistent fracture pattern can be reliably achieved compared to explosives alone. The result of hydrofracturing the block using high pressure inflatable packers is a block preconditioned to cave in a consistent manner.