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Internal Casing Reline Patch
Casing Plugs, Swage Patches & Patch Seals

Casings, wells and bores, by the very nature of their use, are subject to corrosion and seepage. RIPE provide a tailored solutions to the problems of repairing waterwells/ bores in situ, with absolutely minimal loss in well diameter. The swage casing seals have a    flexible, grooved rubber layer that is lowered into position over a perforation or corrosion hole. The high pressure packer is then inflated beside it to cement the reinforced rubber casing patch into its permanent position and plug the holes and leaks. A simple and highly effective solution.

Casing reline packer patches 

There are two types of expandable casing reline packer patches. The most commonly used reline patch is short lengths of up to 12meters. These are used for isolated corrosion areas. In multizoned corrosion environments a full casing reline packer patch would then be required (as this is the cheaper alternative to drilling a new well). Casing Packer Patch material is a full length rubber vulcanized bonded polymer skin on stainless steel generally with a wall thickness of 3mm (provided there is only internal pressures).   

In the case of excessive draw down of the pump and external pressure on the casing, the packer patch would be subject to much higher collapse pressures so a heavier casing reline packer patch material is recommended with a wall thickness of ½”/ 12mm. The rubber skin is grooved to allow for expansion, and this will have an ‘O’ ring tight seal over the effective zone with the packer patch overhang of approximately 500 to 1000mm. The packer patch is run down the well/borehole to predetermined depth, via high pressure inflatable packer which is inflated inside the packer patch at its lowest point of the patch. This will place the packer patch in the correct zone required for the initial inflation.