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Ripe K Packers
Many different types and sizes of RIPE K packers are manufactured all with flared cone tapers, and weld prep on the bottom for well screens or pipe extensions. Multi rubber ribs form a seal between the casing and the well screen. The rubber is fully vulcanized to the pipe casing then machined to the correct diameter and sealing requirements.

The fully vulcanized rubber and the multi ribbing makes for a vast improvement on the age old problem of sealing that the old k packer once had. RIPE K packers are the perfect aid to the task of joining borehole casings of differing diameters, water well screens or casing.

Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements manufacture on request water well telescopic seal packers to suit transition joints of different diameters. Repair of weld joint using different diameters, PVC and fibreglass repairs, telescopic back seals work best where two different diameters meet, all diameter sizes manufactured on request, manufactured to minimize loss of diameter.