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Grouting Packers
Grouting inflatable packers form a large part of the water well, oil & gas industries where they may be used for an extensive range of applications such as:

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  • Improving structural foundations
  • Well abandonment
  • Stabilising rock formations
  • Casing Installations

A variety of deployment methods are used and are mostly application specific including the use of drill rods or rigid pipe with an additional inflation line for the packer also wireline or cranes may be used.

Single packers fitted with TAM valves prevent back flow of grout up the rods, also give the ability to flush the rods before retrieval if required. Straddle packers may be used for isolation of target zones for grout injection performed by starting at the bottom of the hole and raising the system as injection is completed at each lower level.

Wells or bores which must be abandoned are often cement grouted and decommissioned with Abandonment Inflatable Packers. Also in many cases ancillary equipment such as pressure Grout Gauge Savers, Inflation Gauge Boards and Inflation Line are required.

Inflatable Packers and Grouting