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Casing Retrieval Fishing Tools
Grab packers are the ultimate down hole fishing tool. RIPE grab packers are manufactured on a custom basis and all the grab packers supplied are unique to a specific application of the drilling and down hole operations both onshore and offshore.

Grab packer function is to fish and retrieve items such as casing and screens etc that have became dislodged or dropped down the borehole/ well. With a fast decent down the well upon hitting the bottom, the casing and screens etc will either concertina or spiral wind it self in the well in which case it will become lodged tightly.

The grab packer is deployed down a borehole or well and fished to land within a casing or screen then inflated by way of small bore flexible tube. External grab strips on the packer gently expand on inflation to grip and grab the internal of casings and screens etc. RIPE grab Packers have a high push-down or pull-up capability of up to 45 tonne.

Grab packers can also be used for installation of water well screens and gravel packing. The well screen is deployed down the borehole (the grab packer inside the screen). The grab packer has an upside landing cone to seat on top of screen, this prevents gravel entering the screen and also stop the packer from moving down.

The screen is then set at desired depth, the screen is then gravel packed and the grab packers is then deflated and tripped out of well. Grab packers can be redeployed to top up gravel after commissioning or at anytime.

RIPE grab packers are a cost effective alternative to the J-latch methods of release that left some uncertainty to, whether or not it had properly released.

  • Installation and retrieval of casing and screens etc, without damaging.
  • Fishing for thread bare tool joints.
  • In situ sealing and removal of casing operations.
  • Gentle gripping with maximum lifting capabilities.
  • Manufactured to suit all drill string connections.
  • Available in all sizes and sealing capabilities.
  • Cost effective alternative.
  • Available for sale or hire.