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Directors Profile

Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd was founded in late 2005 by Western Australian born John Misson. Gaining experience first as a rubber technician nearly 35 years ago, John applied his knowledge to design and manufacture a wide-range of inflatable packers and elements.

He subsequently continued following this path working as a team in extensive research and development programs, including the ‘Goodwin A’ offshore rig pile reforming project which involved the precision deployment of what was and may still be the world’s largest inflatable packer.

Although John is Managing Director, he remains involved in design and base level manufacturing to ensure quality and performance are never sacrificed. John continues to push engineering extremes with the development of 12,000psi (83MPa) high pressure hydro fracturing packer element. In-house testing revealed over 84 single inflations without failure, a true testament to RIPE’s manufacturing capabilities. In more recent times John has been involved with many International mining projects in areas of Indonesia, Europe, USA and South America, as well as projects within Australia.

Managing Director - John Misson